Saturday, June 6, 2009

06 06

d date is superb n it so hapend fall on satrdy, so most of the couple came to similar conclusion, to gt married!7 weds queue up ystrdy n i was tailing my parents s requestd..since 12noon to very late nite..omg tremendously exhausting.. it was MDIN's wed 2, moncheh's bgbro aka my sr, wich a cnot atnd to merrier d wedd..ya rite.hhuhu sory for dt bt abywy..CONGRATULATIONS..i told my frens i owiz like AIR SIRAP KENDURI..huhu less sweet, less color additive, overcold, d best part is, cn b refill..huhuhuhu..thy stil mk fun of it..

yani n d hub wed was superb..white canopy, white drapes, white tble cloth, white chair cover with lite puple satin tied up in ribbon shape, white dais, white breathtaking ly superb..lots of hot chicks i wd sy, dstibuting again, cute n nice doorgft.. not to forget, their luvly invitation card..dark velvet bckground with gold printed writing.i owiz like dark bckground in my artwurk.ya i luv art.i figured out my opinion on art wd nvr b d same w my frens.i value abstrct n mysterous piece, wic thy cnsiderd "rubish" is unique anywy..for the groom n d bride..i dn rly concern about their luk s their decoration took awy my atntion..thy were nice n decent..

we end up our tiring dy at poksu's home..i like to hng out thr bcz of the bby is.the high-pic.not toddler was super active n strong..luvs to bite wuteva he cud..n luvs hndfon so bdly..u beter hide yrs sumwehr, under yr booty, it doesnt wurk..he noes hw to find mom md hm to the cradle, he still yell, he end up slept like a log in the cradle w his che mu..(tiger) in hs cute..

owh not forgotten, june 6, wani's brthday.ya tis gal, my frens owiz ask about this hard-to-meet gal s she is homey lady.rarely hngin out w us, she prefer to sy quiet i suposed..n its d only me who try to kip in touch w hr..haha..HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY god bless you..

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

weds, yaya n life

Align Center

i owiz tel my fren dt, jst atend d wed evn u r nt invitd or bn invtd via fs or fb "to all................"..
jst b thr..bcz d bride/groom has loatsa wurk to do.dn hv enuf time to ask for evrybody's add.ya thy cd find frm skul mags but ello, i dn evn noe whr mine is..but, tody, i figured out well u noe, myb u r nt invitd bcz of cannot-be-fogtn crisis..duhhh, grow up babes..aishh..

i do hv issue w my body nw cz evribdy askd me to eat.gain sum xtra kgs.mmm corction.i m nt dt skinny or evn hollow.i m fine.huhu my weight stil 47 wut.since forver.s long s i m nt aneroxic,i m fine.huhu.s long s B said i m gud, i m fine 2.i dn like to b call hollow.bcz my trdmrk is chubby.:)

like owiz, i dn ave muc to ol my k1.1 frens.ya, u guys..if its holiday, doesnt mean d ym is on hols too kip in touch we r d coolest clsrum evr evn sum r dsagree but hey, if nt us to b proud of 1.1, who else wl?so stop crtics yr own superb topsy-turvy i m hapy, grateful n blessd being ere.ya i noe, my "wuteva" and "eeeuuuuuuuuu" might annoyd u guys sumtimes, well, at least u'l rmmbr me once u pasd MISS WHATEVER store, i noe geetha do!:)
my class..

Monday, June 1, 2009

humm finaly, we r d kpliS having 3-wik hols..huhu..i noe2..dn get jeolus.wel,we dd wel for the las few months completing non-stop asgnmnt til last fridy u noe..oke wedeserve tis..agree aite? sweet u guys.
i attended zaim's wed sumwhr at sepang.w few x skulmates.sum lose few kilos, sum are gaining.muncet2..ladies of the nite only me n awin(s alwiz).opfuly to hv more howty babes rockin d is a gud reason for a mini gath wut..we nvr hd chnce to organize tis is d time..upcoming wed is nana's..aish..kip counting other's big day..wut about mine??!oke frens, do pry 4 me..
staring at my SKINNY storybuk..aish..wonder wen wil i mit the back cover.d storyline isnt interesting s i expctd.jst my myslf tink it is cool.well,its rm5 anywy.just bought 7 of em frm RnW lec kip asking wen wl i complete reading it..ahhaha "i just bought it yestrdy" lucky at dt moment..or else..i'd KENA!..
i was tremendously lucky s i nvr gt any sumon over parked in the cmpus zone.ish..cnot b so isnt fnish hapend 1 dy wen evrybody's car reg no on d p guard's board, mine was not thr.u noe wut..s i park at music blok.lec's zone.huu.i was late at d moning, so hapend d car park was unlucky n lucky..:).i noe, thy mite fil dscnted over dt, bcz sum gt 2 summons.huhu..
kpli..lodsa tings goin on.scandlism here n thr..i nvr tot of my fren being d 3rd party or any1 wud onvolve w maried,do nt critics over tings dt u dslike so badly or else, u'd act like one.well expect d unexpectd..jst b in othr's shoe.we mite nt undrstnd y thy actd dt wy, bt at least stv bck n nvr is like a GOOD YEAR..

My A+ RW lecturer..

She is miss siti hawa w ful of knlwdge n sacracism. Ya she cd b vry sarcastic..dn try to argue w hr cz its nt worthwhile..she kips winning u noe..
Owh tis lady vry funy. I knw she rly wntd to scold us in today’s class bt since we r old enuf to b scold..she peril us like hell..
She keep mentioned about the THICK BOOK OF EXCUSES that we keep in d dt we cn gv hr excuses wen we needed to..coitt..hahaha we were laughing..
She owiz thinks sheis young..huhuhu..oke miz hawa since u r my fave lec, I admit it..
She pushed us to read..ya she shud ..if nt..wt us the R stands for..its READING..
She is the head of HEP..dn mess w hr on car parking issue..huhuhu..she’b hot s che cd b..she has to do wut she has to she rly doesn’t wnt to stop us from park in campus area, but rules is still a rules..u commit mstke, pay hr 50 bucks! D most part is, admitting it.. dn create story or else..
She is very kind hearted person.. how suck yr attitude is towards her, she’l gv u second chnces…siriesly..she is very considerable peson..just be vry transparent whn u r dealing w tis iron lady..(ello,,y she’s iron nw..hahaha)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

itw wikend!

yes2..its wikend.elo, y m i so excited ere.w 7 assgnmnts queuing, i shudv grin like stil i wnt to!hmm i m goin to joli tis ptg.wtchin bridewars.jimi downoaded 4 me.thnx babe.

we hd our(me n k jane) lunch at Q BISTRO s owiz.i m nt rly into mamak's fud anywy bt it ws our 4th visit tis wik.haha.i sw k moon wic i was not jus-in-time to sy 1st i cudnt rcgnize hr bcz she luks chubbier.huhu sory akks..

supsdly i pick up a fren frm a bsu station but hr bf wna pick its oke, i dn rly hv ting to do rite nw.jst chit chating w my drowsy rumet.i noe, she is about to sleep ..hahahah..she is sleeping nw! fast..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

hideous day for me

i woke up at 7am s owiz.stared at my bz rumet.printing hr asgnmnt dt shud b hnd in by tody.was too lzy to muv til she grabd hr towel to shower.i sat w eyes closed n thought of wut shud i wear.hmm beige bj hart was empty..i ddnt rly wurk out for PS return,we rly shud burn d midnite oil tonyt.we is bcz it's a grup wurk.i m jst nt hapy nw.n so is my fren.spouse issue.wen tis ting wl end ya.i gv hr lotsa advices wich it was for me to0.i acted cool so dt she cd only trust me.haha.i ope she'l b oke wic i noe she wl.its d mater of time.we jst mk ourslvs bz completing d asgnmnt assigned.its anothr 1 wik to go.hapy for upcoming 3-wik hols yt gloomy to nt meeting my clasmte afterwrds.gona mz thm lor.all d gosips, mkn time, sourpuss n etc.our microteacing clsrum K1.1..o0o0 dear, our mdm lye.n othrs respctv lecturers.n mostly IPGM IK.muaaaaxxx!xoxo

Friday, May 15, 2009

ticer's dy

stil early in d morning..i m having backpain due to xtra sleep.hoohoh nice wikend!n its ticer's dy t00!luvly.received wishes frm teachr frens.huhu thnx guys.u r awesome!i m gona hv a date bt tell u wut.somtimes we fight over dts rly we r.i duhno.myb i shud'v learn to luv myslf tings for hlp is needed.eloo i m a big smart gal.wt do i nd frm stil, miz my mumy so badly.bu, winduuu..sobs.cnt wait to go bck didnt book any tic yet.haha bn browsed airasia quite sometimes.i was jst so lazy to open up my purse n take out "HASSAN ALI" crdit card n book it!huhu.wl do it soon.

i wna sleep, again!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


ouch..its bn a while i dn write netin in my blog.sory dear online diary.i was bz n stil bz til dec 09 i suposed.plz, no mo afte dt.hahha.wts world is luk like with no bz schedule here n weird though.gosh, stil gt asgnmnt to hnd in tomorw.n mini minee presentation on elt.plz dn sy it is tl u wut,she cn jump into sumtin else dpend on hr wish.,opfuly, she'l b in gud mud tomorw.cross fngers..tonite nd to complete d ip essay also.tis time around,opfuly pn salmawati wl b hapy w our wurk.aftral, i hv to redo d 2nd essay.sobs!havent mit my frens since tis pli course(ya, rite)haha bt its tru anywy.min invited us to cekeb hr bday party tis let c wt cn i do for hr.i only resev time to date jimi.othr thn dt, completing d endless asgnmnt n topup tdo!bn besfrens with eyebag due to lack of sleep!to those who r about to aply tis kpli course, b prepared mentally n physicaly,its rly a tough course.nt to frghten it rly is.but wisely manage yr time, u'l hv ample of time to me!it is cool to0.n we r about to go prcticum in a month time n cnot imagine hw i m gona miz ilmu khas n all d super talentd lectures!d best team evr..TESL lecturers..i'l b replacing u guys..ahahaha...brighter future!yummyy..

Saturday, March 7, 2009


The rule is simple. Use google image to search the answer the question below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of result and post it as your answer. after that tag 6 people

i am

i really want to go

my favourite place

my favourite thing

my favourite food

my favourite drink

my favourite color

i live in

i was born in

my college

my favourite story

my hobby

haha here is the answer!
next tag are:
megat iskandar


erk..wts dt.its a school based experience whereby we the trainees nid to 'observe' other ticers teach in class..huhu sound like a pro.naaa bcz we r beginner so we hv to learn from d pros! sk jln pasar 2 here i come.damn the buterflies alrdy in! gile laa.. i hope i go to d rite school..nid to double check d school i m in kb so i cnot double check it.huuuhu its oke ..i'l do it tomorw nite god willing..

Saturday, February 28, 2009

i lufff tis song!

Saw you walk in to the room,
Thought I'd try to talk to you
Babe, am I ever glad you wanted me to
It's been two years to the day
half the time I've been away
I know I'm not there enough,
but that's gonna change
'cause I'm coming back
to show you that
I'm keeping the promise i made

When I'm with you
I'll make every second count
'cause I miss you whenever you're not around
when I kiss you
I still get butterflies
years from now,
I'll make every second count
when I'm with you

(na na na na na nananananana)
(na na na na na nananananana)

Yeah, we've had our ups and downs,
but we've always worked 'em out
Babe, am I ever glad we got this far now
Still I'm lying here tonight
wishing I was by your side
'cause when I'm not there enough,
nothing feels right
so I'm coming back to show you that I'll love you the rest of my life

Saturday, February 7, 2009


yeayy..its wikend again.n off tis mondy.yeyeyye for tis wik, K1.1 student wl go to cls only 4 a dy,tuesdy..we'l b off to BIG(bina insan guru).on feb tks 4 dys.erk,shud by i wont gt crocs.sleeping bag.traveling bag(borrow frm abe ikwan).tracksuit cost pocket gt thinner dy by dy.sobs!stil hv homewurk to deal with,assgnments and presentation.hmm bt dts afte BIG.i might fogot about d lesson s BIG tks 4 dys.lame nyeeeeee!huhuhu

Monday, February 2, 2009

cry sobbing

12.08am,serimas condo
erkk..i jst confused w my feeling..i m quite devastated n tension!argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!shouting..i jst read my own upside down journal.i was surprised by sentence structure dt i wrote.n 2mrw,i'l hnd in to miss siti hawa my r&w lecturer..opfully she'l nt laughing at my junk wurk..huhuhuhu kip going aciq!i cn do tiss..cross fingerss

Thursday, January 22, 2009

hmmm tiring lyf bt fun!tis is my 10th dy living s a trainee..quite co0l.n tody kinda hctic.i woke up around 6.45 whr thn i hv to wait 4 15 minits to tk my ws queue!thn i rushed to my tesl block s it my tk 25 minits to gt thr.loo0o0o0ng journy.s owiz,i brought d mcd a i cnot stnd d menu at d tesl's cafe.damnnnnn gud.temptation!huaaaa..tody kinda relaxing dy.class wasnt ful s d lecturers r away for we stil hd 2 jog 2 laps.huhu.tiring.thn mdm lye's period.evrybody ws tremndously hapy over hr she is our mntor.thn d last 3 period, no lecturers.bscly we hv to wait til 430 thn afte dt we cn gt bck we sneaked out.huahuahua.k jane n i planned to go to mv.mstakenly naek bus.s d macik said to..oke tis bus dik.thn u amik bus u45 to we were half lost.hhuhu.we managed to get to jusco maluri afte hlf n hour duhno-whr-to trip.,evn its jsco, we spent lots!my 1st outing w my clasmate cum rumate!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


i went out w BEEE s he come bck for fun!gud job tired.n 1 dy left utk g IPIK.huhuhu.sad2 nd to kemas2 brg n smua2 so dt nti x left out for d fortnight(at least) no beloved knari kene kitties.oyen, dib n leisure tym oso bubye.b hs a crush on nu fon.huhu its e71..pry b!pry 4 it

Thursday, January 8, 2009

ways to unleash tension

1. eat..sweet fud.icekim n chocc.rly wurk!
2. sleep
3. yming
4. blogging
5. play guitar ( wic i dn hv any)
6. goin out
7. rock d beach
8. lsten to0 co0o0lest songs
9. tidy up yr car
10. play w the pet
11. self-snap dfrnt pose!
12. usha org n followed w critics.ish2 noty2
13. wear my pink jack parcel n crocs
14. dress up
15. cook
16. chnge d font of my ym
17. hng out w FRENDS..fren yg bestt!

p/s : turn off d lappy whnvr u r nt using

luveyduvey terms

these r the love terms used by a sweet couple, nicholas and helena
1. message terapung
~ a 3-page msg self created between d couple.d msg shud b sweet, unique, bloated w love msgs :)'.d importnt is, genuine!

2. tersejat
~ a feeling of overwhelming delighful over d action by spouse.or beter i sy, jst luking at hm, she is tersejat..huhu

3. sombong
~ a msg written only d word 'sombong'
~ it is because both of em didnt msg each other til noon

4- sipooooooooot
~ used wen msg r replied but a bit late

p/s : do protect d environmnt..wisely use d paper.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

uuuuuuuuuuuuuu walllaaaaah~

i luf my mks me snore..kro0o0h2.siriesly it does.n mk me wk up late in d monin.nx wik,i'l b in IPIK.pck schedule,assigment,rules,gerko n etc.eee nervousnye.i kip teling myslef.I CAN DO TIS..bassyaaaa!wonder who my housemate wl be.wonder r thy gud.wonder cn we gt along?uuuuuhh nervous.opfully evriting gona b super good!

Monday, January 5, 2009

taylor swift

i used to dislike hr.i used to avoid listning to hr songs.i nvr surf for T.A.Y.L.O.R i dn tink she's afte my fave stdnt (yeah,ticer favoritism) told me bout d lufstory song,i startd to like she is super cutthroat.she's genuine.prety of cz.hillarious.she writes hr songs.i wish i cd write to0.n tis is d vid dt i like mos so far..njoy d song n d gillllerrrrr!here s d link

Sunday, January 4, 2009

my dear yuT

hmm.browsed yuT's fb page.bunches pics of hr.we r cloz.damn cloz.we shared tings dt i bscly dn tell ppl about.n sure does she!its bn a while we r nt hit each othrs ass.hehe.i mz u yuT.d point is.we hv no pic togthr.sobs!such a u r rly my bestes speakin-diary ever.i calld hr on my gloomy dy.i learned hw to pleased a bf frm her.i used 2 b stif bt she turned me into sum1.thnx dear buddy.looking forwrd to hng out w you!

Friday, January 2, 2009

chill out me hearties, yuhu!

get to noe my besties snce scndry n stil!we were awesome n down n we rock d hostel(at least).gosiping we were gud @ tis!breaking d rules.late comer.truancy.'gangsterism.n ol d punishment.painting grill.bersih kolam.cabot ubi.wt type of ubi ek?we r stil superb n hotss!

tis is fize aka fiza.she gt hr name frm d question yg die tnye.
"knape org sebut asrama , asrama bukan asramE.kalau tiga, jadi tigE." sumting like dt.ever since, kitorg pggil die fize.huhu.vry sensitv.a nice fren.salu tdo katil die.she study,i tdo.huhuh.n nw stil pursue hr dgree i tink.sory if slh.huhu.she s bz.dlu kt india nw bck to mlacca

tis is atie.she s merdeka gal!vlntine of lan.stil studying.she's

ni aqeem n lad.dorg frens since primary.dyla is on d left.die da kije.i tink in kerteh mybe under ptronas.utp graduate.course e.e.n aqeem.stil an overc qeem.she s vru hapy go lucky.suke voice freq,cn reach d noise polution die gle happening.

d smallest fren bt big brain 4 sure!uia graduate.nursing course.die suke mntion stoKIN whn kite sebut stoKEN.huhu.we mk fun of dt.mkn agk byk tp stil kecik.jeles nieh.evn kcik leh drive bulky myvi.huhu n lju plk tuh.huhuh.ade twin..vry fair!

ni plak wanie.for sure head-coverd one.huhu.vry stuborn.she used to b i-wna-win in evry argumnt.huhu.die no longer dt wy.bcome so decent.giglingg..huhuhu..d way she dfrnt.vry d ayu person she is!bf=abie.

tis gal is awien.wt cn i sy about hr yeh?is she nice? she bad?oso yes.huhuh hard to hr eyes.she cn surely gv d steely luk dt u cnot stnd 4 2sconds.huhu.tis pic taken whn we were @d smol gath 4 d comitee mmbers.@ d eatery in snwy pyramid..

n mims.i dn hve yr pic.mimie is my bestie also.she nw stdy kt indon.

lamenyee x mit korng!wndu sgt.stick frens!
yawn..blink..wt m i gona do tody.dt s wt was i tinking 1ce i open my mmg menggelabh..s i nervous to start a nu dad doesnt wnt me 2 bring my car at least for a fortnight.hmm.s ipik x sdiakn hostel.i hv to sty sumwhr.i it b my bagi house or a house nearby.hmmm tinking2.

i on my lappy n surfed by line.neatly, nd to print out lampiran 1, 2, 3 n borang kit pndftrn.oke.gosh,my printer is nt functioning.manually refill d ink n thn spilt on my hnd.stil ade blck stain.ish x suke2.end up.d printer is stil nt i cnt print d doc i transfered a kpli folder to my 1g pndrive.later,i l print @ my dad nk wurking on dt printer.

afte smyg jumaat,(mcmla aku yg smyg)..huhu we went out to town.cri 4 skul uniform.i bot d XL size.i m 24 anywy.huhuhu.try to find d blue blck i v chnged my bought d blck sleek bottom.lots of tings i bought 4 today.d garment most of thm.wt else.whitey cloth.head taken.scrathing my nt much done tody.hmmm..2 b continued..