Thursday, December 30, 2010 married ..

its moe thn a month.1m+.hee yuhuu..droolin 4 macaroni cheese.tjmpe 1 recipe on tenet..mmg super duper yummy..ystrdy hd 1 at Keny w mis eqin..tQs th0..xckp..


1/2 bungkus macaroni
1/2 tin sos prego
4 keping cheese
10 biji chicken meat ball
1 tangkai daun parsley


1. Rebuskan macaroni sehingga lembut
2. Goreng chickeng meat ball sehingga masak
3. Satukan macaroni & chicken meat ball ke dalam satu bekas
4. Masukkan kepingan cheese ke dalam bekas tadi (potong kecik2, kalau pakai shreaded cheese pun boleh)
5. Masukkan sos prego
6. Panaskan di dalam microwave dalam 3 minit
7. Taburkan daun parsley ke atas hidangan

Sedia untuk di hidang =)

Thursday, November 4, 2010


its 2 wiks 2 go n i m damn nervous bout it..n k efa said on 20 alone, she has many clients!lor k efa..huhu..n there's a bit amendment on my outfit..hope it wl b oke..

Monday, November 1, 2010


lil S : m i dt bad?
big S : its nt dat..
lil S : so?..
big S: jst u r expcting sumtin else, yet, u get d opposite..
lil S : wut shud i do then.i was nice..
big S: being a lil bit ignornt..
lil S: r u sure?..
big S: dumb..
lil S: oke..i will..
big S: sbr ye..
lil S: (nod)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

eh da ngapa my vid jd cmnee..nj0icee...hhe

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

our so-called pre WEd

yay!tis is 1 of em!
it was windy cloudy evnin.we were double-guessing to do d photoshoot.s i oways adore this white fence, we decided to come down to this was only US n no othr ppl s wel s no horse at ol!we actly forgot to snap pics around d glamorous tree.yet, i m hpy i hv my preweds piccas!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

di ugot!

stupidosssss ugot me!omgeeee

Friday, October 1, 2010


cikgu pizi: perempuan kna khwin awl..bru ade tmpat begntong..
tdgr he said dt.guffaw!dlm dt tru?tru la kot utk die.ovrheard die otf w his wifey yg sty in their hometown KB.wah!super soft n swits!hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (long hmm..anitin?)

pic ini sje.pry dt hpines wl b my super bestest budy in future!Amin!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

he luvs u wen

  • A very obvious one when he takes interests in your matters like work schedule, it means he is really concerned with you and loves you.

  • Whenever a guy keeps a track on your habits, remembers whatever you do and say simply indicates his love for you.

  • When a guy wants to spend more time with you, dates out with you at places of your choice and share the your favorite pastimes then he is madly in love with you.

  • If he gives more importance to his friends even if you are sick or in need of him shows his lack of interest in you.

  • Changing of topic when you discuss about your future with him is not a good sign of a healthy relationship with your love.

  • If he doesn't want to spend time with you or don't ever want to go out with you in public and never introduces you to his friends mean he does not love you.

  • When he calls you or message you just to chitchat with you means he deeply loves you and was finding any reason to talk to you.

  • If he is really concerned about you and loves you then he would always take out time from his busy schedule.

  • When he keeps looking you when you are around and suddenly takes off his eyes when you look at him shows he's in love with you.

  • When he praises about you to his friends, family and others means he truly loves you.

  • His every action will make you believe he loves you.

  • If he changes his plans or cancels them last minute then he is surely avoiding you.

  • If he is trying to be friendly with you and tries to make an effort to know more about you shows signs of love for you.

  • You can make out from a person's eyes. The person in love with you has special shine in his eyes when he's talking to you.
discontented!hw cd u see incoming calls n act mcm dummy!bn sewing.complaint!bkn nk impress dgn talent! nk type.nti lg byk kuar!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


done 50% of beadings!yay..n x yay!loads mo to go.has to b done b4 goin bck to kl my in a fortnight!evntho its nt superr kewlssss am luvin it (kna luv la or else who wd?)

Monday, September 27, 2010

issue n issue n issue

door gift
whr to start ya.B"bb da book door gift?"
BB " da...." cnfdntly! oke thn ibu calles d suplier n she actly told ibu dt she cdnt keep hr promise.she is about to go to brunei n wl b bck on Dec!gulps.bole x col in4m dlu.aish..reason "sy hilang no f0n akk?" hmm bt its okela. trying to cr solution.suda tnsion dgn mcms2.nrvous jgn ckp suda mesti.i rly hv to go bck to kl bt wen?hmmmm wl go to jln tar or else i'l end up buying notingg..sgt nrvous.Ya Allah, permudahkan. Amin!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

my W ring

yeayyy!!!bought my W ring.evnth0 its nt like i oways wntd, i am cntnted bcz i chose it!of cz i wnt solitaire diamond.yet, i hv dt 4 my E!to othrs who r about to gt engaged, do choose ring OTHER thn solitaire diamond!or u'd end up drooling 4 it 4 yr Weding..

a)my E solitaire!nk cm neyh 4 W..tapii...x kn exctly sme kn
b) tis is my W ring.bought it @Mines.xplan nk beli.dd nt do any survey.wlkd in n bought.superb btol..cisttt!
wuteva pn.Syukur cz da setle..Alhmdulillah.wink!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

beadings mad at tailor yg bajet creatv.asked d tailor to add detail on beading here n thr yet she actly sew it n mtch it w dff colors.shud i sy MATCH nt!had to remuv ol d nonsence ting out of my solmnztion i m sewing rite nw.its nt dt i knw hw to do it,it s jst i add w plain crystal beads!denggg yu!

Friday, September 10, 2010

eid 10

evriting went s0 wrong!myb SILENCE is d best n acpting wts fated..i m nt decent 2 act like dt.deeply hurt i wd sy.heart n mind pls b str0ng n sane..(hihi).. gtg ch0ws

Monday, August 30, 2010


i used to luv henna!bt, nk buat x lukis2 tu?sumtyms rs nk,sumtyms xnk.aig00!

a) simple cmni luk she's fair..
b) tis is nt bad, mesy jgks.hmm

Friday, August 27, 2010

W ring

we stil on leisure mode wich we r nt suposed 2 b!lukin for W ring.i tried to chaneld my passion to 916 gold yet i cnt!i stil wnt whitey g0ld 4 my W.nt s simple s my E ring..(my ibu wd dsagree tis i bet)..okes chiaows finding ring..

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


drools reading b2bs' blog s they DIY some of d wed items.ouchs!am waiting 4 my indon fren to actly do sum wndow shoping or else i'l DIY my _____.counting on haliban!plss!xoxo.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


tis dais is superrr sweet.luv d colors of d bckground deco.purplish pink.drools!

i luv her hand bouquet.d color is purple pink.whr cn i gt luk-like-real artificial roses.SSF?wl tk a luk.

table decOs

tis 1 luk sweet..i dn like cndle holder shape but i do like d color.

fresh flowers nvr fail!tis color thumbs up th0
i like tis 1 most.combine evriting

gosh,lets go n finf PURPLISH ITEMS!hearts

Sunday, August 22, 2010


OUR photographer.jeng7x.hs pckge?hm x sure.yg pnting.he's our relatvs.B's cuz.he'l cover brape evnt eh?smua kot.n he doesnt do PREWED.tamo besyubahat.ish.prewed mne bole touchin'..aloooo.4 xtaw jge.i rly luv aini n aleng's prewed.sweet sgt.chumils.update jp.

SWEET sgt ryt?hm both r to models!

belly o belly B likes to eat alods.n suke jgk mkn sweet2 ni.desert.apetizer.u name it..smua on.jnji sy x reti msk.i only best at puding custard!dts ol.

tis mcm ltak2 bskot je..hehhe..i cn do tis 1.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

y i DONT do make up.

am 25 n i hv a mere COMPACT POWDER in my oversized-bag.i hv lip ice jge (so called teens).n itu saje.reason y..
c)insufficient items (yeke.mcm byk je)
d)B dislikes (y x top of d list.tgh gado.huh!)
e) suke genyeh2 mate
f)bajet cun ble x mkup
kesimpulannya,thousands of lame excuses wd oways b created regrding tis mkup issue.a fren claimed hw messy i luk w no mkup since she had 3 layers of itu ini n watsnot on hr fce.i dn judge u, so let me b s messy s i am.wteva it is, d choice is in yr hnds!

- lee da hee.mkup free -
-ryo won-

hand bouquet

ha.ini color merah mngah.wd oways b nice.drools over b d sblh "bunge bb color merah ke?tak kannn..."..erk mcm surprise je if red color.

sample of nice hnd bouquet..gorgeous!

ha,these r rly my color.luv tis tone.luv je it turns out vary frm these actly.

it suits w WHITEE..yeayy.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


y TQ?showing my beloved aunty 4 hr hrd wurk+effort completing my stuf.tq Mak Inah:). blik je SSF shoping beads..trus buat..i loike.

1)tis is bunga wts d THEME color again?..hee

2)i adore tis 1.tis is 4 hntrn.i oways 4gt to imagine d my imaginery wd b a mere PURPLE witout hs to b leaves tho..try adapting my imaginary deco w reality..wink2

3)tis is d hnd bouquet.i chose d color.instead of RED, i chose soft colors. tis 1 nd some amendmnt.wl find anothr bouquet in..myb RED..i luv red.jst wna b dfrnt.
dts All for finished deco.some left @kb.n tis is taken lst fw months(eh cptnye siap tis stuff..)..hu2..wl do sum hunting tis wikend or rye break..
(Allah, pls mk it smooth..Amin)


veil pn byk mslh.suke sgt veil pnjg.tbe my fren said it ws so anoying cz it way too heavy..erkyet nice tho.i like it ibu said NO.."x baik veil pnjg2 seret cmtu".myb nt dt long..hehe

1)tis is my bestie,Ati wearing modern kbaye.noted its grey!sgt chanteqs..i hart hr veil is medium size.nice..

2)tis is Aleng+Aini Marina..luking @ thm wearing off whitey, ok my heart melts!n Aini put on long wed veil,nice jgks.. white vs grey..both r nice ryt(sdpkn ati)

lawonyessss...n mine wd b?jeng jeng jeng..i duhno myslf :(



Prosedur Perkahwinan Negeri Kelantan Darulnaim

●Dapatkan Borang permohonan kahwin dari Penolong Pendaftar (Imam Mukim berkenaan)
●Isi borang dengan lengkap.
●Lampirkan dokumen yang berkaitan
●Mengemukakan borang yang telah lengkap diisi kepada Penolong Pendaftar Nikah Mukim tujuh hari sebelum akad nikah dilangsungkan untuk pengesahan status dan anak mukim serta kebenaran @kelulusan kahwin.


●Dapatkan borang permohonan dan Kebenaran Berkahwin dari Pendaftar NCR negerinya
●Serah surat kebenaran dan salinan surat permohonan (jika perlu) kepada Pendaftar / Penolong Pendaftar negeri tempat berkahwin
●Isi borang permohonan berkahwin di tempat / negeri perkahwinan itu hendak dilangsungkan (jika perlu)

●Perakuan daripada Pendaftar NCR negeri yang berkaitan
●Salinan Kad pengenalan pemohon, wali dan saksi / visa yang sah
●Surat pengesahan status bujang / dara dari majikan
●Surat perakuan cerai
●Surat daftar kematian
●Sijil kursus pra perkahwinan
●Surat perakuan memeluk Islam
●Surat kebenaran berkaitan bagi warganegara asing
●Surat akuan Sumpah
●Surat kebenaran daripada imigresen
●Surat kebenaran berkahwin di bawah umur, (lelaki 18 tahun, perempaun 16 tahun)
●Surat kebenaran berkahwin secara poligami
●Surat kebenaran berkahwin bagi janda berhias


plum deco w light color bckground.isnt dt gorgeous?i personaly dslike to combine 2 colors equally.u noe wut i mean..suke 1 color is d othr giler minor..(ok gedix)pkir brngn mmg budget kna ade..pakcik x idea mau gilos.luv tis simple deco yet cliche i wd sy.went 2 IKEA n atrctd to white frame but woried bout d envi of d house.s my simple wed wl b held at our house (s requested by ibu)ank last i hv to kick my b*** of to actly do tis deco by myslf..perlu hunting some stuff n accesories in tis color tone.

a)melt ovr tis color so muc! bt bot d cndles ordy

b)flower petals?wt if its windy day.abes terbng ni masok dlm air guest!cmno?hehe..

c) cndle tis typo also d color isnt dt hot..

n tis is for umbrella YOU CAN STAND UNDER MY UMBRELLA :)
rent or buy?
a bride parasol..nice bridal gt tis or no ya?i'd go 4 a wl try to ask hr later..wl hv d solemnization @nearest msjid.y on earth i nd tis?hehehe..arhhh..

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

card! card! card....

COVER PAGE..stil in drfting proces..hmm wil nvr knw hw it turns out later..yet hoping 4 d best..posto sesion wl b strtd around sept/aug..perlu DIY ribbon tho..or sy mls..biarkn sje..pls be ok ye DEAR CARD
B pnye othr version.tis is my house pnye je.. wink..


ibu has orderd _____ s d doorgft s she dsapruv my latest proposal.."x pyh la..nti spe nk deco..dh lmbt sng beli trus siap.." baik yg mnurut perinth..hehe.i duhno myslf d color of d doorgft s i requestd for slver+grey..pls b cntek akk!she'l send d smple soon..cpt2 cnt wait..4 our special guest.hmm nt sure.hs to rediscus so we wont overlook bout tis again..i dn dream any nomaly ibu wl do tis part..thn bu!(yr bdget..wont hv muc to sy prhps..)

let's enjoi tis cute+adorble door gift..chumils kn

tis 1 pn simple n d color ouch..melting!sgt swit..smilin al d wy lukin @tis..

mine wd super vary frm these 2!hope it turns nice n s oways.i kip things simple..

hots stiletto pls!

1 more thing dt nvr crosed my mind..footwear..aigoo..tis 1 lyk nice juge..heheh..suke jewelled B disapruv plk..kte x classy..ele..i noe la wt to pick dea.heh

luv tis 1..nmpk sexy je.kaki juge harus ceksi..

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


originally i wnted grey silver+purple (plum) ..since d color is like almost, i m cnsidering chnge d main color grey yet d minor color wd b remain d same :)

see see..wts nt to like bout these 2 colors..combination is superb!sy sgt heart!bn tnking bout tis since ages,sgr sad kna tuka pule..asal kene?cz i tink i hv to..hehe..

next, cek tis malay garmnt..ouchs..hw i tink it suits hr well ..n 4 sure i wnt mine to b tis fit oso..finger crosed!color ape to rplce my gorgeous silver..s0bssss!

tis is english modern style..hart d color..suits jgk my skin tone..or not..wel.if i m fair enuf i dn evn consider wt color suit me most..hmmmmmmm help! help!

hotssss n yummys!

f0r him


no8.i wd luv to combine stobery n chocs.


mood hri ni sgt mari do 1ce-in-3dy routing.put on masker..hehee..geds gel..tbe2 lyn indon i luv indon rs thy ol skin wowee!maskering sat..

solemnization wear!

it is a mus, WHITEYyyyyys!mine wd b xtremly simple!hehe..chiffon beaded..s stated in previous blog, stil w tailor 4 detailin.pls.pls.i nid it..yg pnting hw u wear d bju..nice b0dy is needd!

Monday, August 16, 2010

wed preps

it oways gud to hv sum1 to shre while preparing this!since i tink ppl r nt intrstd in gving ideas (my fam exclud) so, thnx 2 tis bl0g s i hv tym to share w dead machine! least u gv me unlimited ideas ryt..oke i hart u nw..muackssss..! my gals r nt here..n sum r nt into this quickly chnge d topic!wel.u knw it wel wen u r preparing yrs, yt i m no longer around s i oways d0!oke..tough..tough!

1) my akad garment: we askd k na to do details on beaded part but she kept, nnti nk tnye, ble sy nk tgk bju sy, kak! we hv to some alteration 2!

2)theme: nt yet decided..gulp!its nw aug!pls wk up dear ME!mmm i dhno ..we'l c hw..d fams wd wear purplish..n d bride+groom..hmm hmmm hmmmmm..oke nxt..:)

3)hntrn deco: thnx to m i nah for hr super fast work!jst bot d beaded frm SSF n in split wiks, she completed evriting..nice 1 aunty.n s oways.nvr fail us d hnd bouquet nd some alteration w d ribbon.originaly i wntd freshflowers .since they r such babies, nd 24 7 care, i jst askd ibu i wnt m inah's creativity 4 deco..

byk sgt bnde in my head..inner b** :) deco.umbrellas.bridesmaid.dayangs.henna.skincare. to many to list down.ol i hv to do nw is jst smileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

Thursday, July 8, 2010

wlcomin bby IKMAL

my nephew!luv dn hv muc tym nk tk cr of hm..suciq hs a career nw l0r..c u on july ya :)

Monday, June 28, 2010


1) vry gorgeous d hijab style..d shining beaded n definitely d c0lor..
2) this is zahnita modeling d kbaye wic i tink lawa gelss
3) fresh flowers hnd bouquet..color combined superbbo
4) d guest w purple color omg sgt hotssss!