Thursday, January 8, 2009

ways to unleash tension

1. eat..sweet fud.icekim n chocc.rly wurk!
2. sleep
3. yming
4. blogging
5. play guitar ( wic i dn hv any)
6. goin out
7. rock d beach
8. lsten to0 co0o0lest songs
9. tidy up yr car
10. play w the pet
11. self-snap dfrnt pose!
12. usha org n followed w critics.ish2 noty2
13. wear my pink jack parcel n crocs
14. dress up
15. cook
16. chnge d font of my ym
17. hng out w FRENDS..fren yg bestt!

p/s : turn off d lappy whnvr u r nt using

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