Friday, January 2, 2009

chill out me hearties, yuhu!

get to noe my besties snce scndry n stil!we were awesome n down n we rock d hostel(at least).gosiping we were gud @ tis!breaking d rules.late comer.truancy.'gangsterism.n ol d punishment.painting grill.bersih kolam.cabot ubi.wt type of ubi ek?we r stil superb n hotss!

tis is fize aka fiza.she gt hr name frm d question yg die tnye.
"knape org sebut asrama , asrama bukan asramE.kalau tiga, jadi tigE." sumting like dt.ever since, kitorg pggil die fize.huhu.vry sensitv.a nice fren.salu tdo katil die.she study,i tdo.huhuh.n nw stil pursue hr dgree i tink.sory if slh.huhu.she s bz.dlu kt india nw bck to mlacca

tis is atie.she s merdeka gal!vlntine of lan.stil studying.she's

ni aqeem n lad.dorg frens since primary.dyla is on d left.die da kije.i tink in kerteh mybe under ptronas.utp graduate.course e.e.n aqeem.stil an overc qeem.she s vru hapy go lucky.suke voice freq,cn reach d noise polution die gle happening.

d smallest fren bt big brain 4 sure!uia graduate.nursing course.die suke mntion stoKIN whn kite sebut stoKEN.huhu.we mk fun of dt.mkn agk byk tp stil kecik.jeles nieh.evn kcik leh drive bulky myvi.huhu n lju plk tuh.huhuh.ade twin..vry fair!

ni plak wanie.for sure head-coverd one.huhu.vry stuborn.she used to b i-wna-win in evry argumnt.huhu.die no longer dt wy.bcome so decent.giglingg..huhuhu..d way she dfrnt.vry d ayu person she is!bf=abie.

tis gal is awien.wt cn i sy about hr yeh?is she nice? she bad?oso yes.huhuh hard to hr eyes.she cn surely gv d steely luk dt u cnot stnd 4 2sconds.huhu.tis pic taken whn we were @d smol gath 4 d comitee mmbers.@ d eatery in snwy pyramid..

n mims.i dn hve yr pic.mimie is my bestie also.she nw stdy kt indon.

lamenyee x mit korng!wndu sgt.stick frens!

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