Thursday, January 22, 2009

hmmm tiring lyf bt fun!tis is my 10th dy living s a trainee..quite co0l.n tody kinda hctic.i woke up around 6.45 whr thn i hv to wait 4 15 minits to tk my ws queue!thn i rushed to my tesl block s it my tk 25 minits to gt thr.loo0o0o0ng journy.s owiz,i brought d mcd a i cnot stnd d menu at d tesl's cafe.damnnnnn gud.temptation!huaaaa..tody kinda relaxing dy.class wasnt ful s d lecturers r away for we stil hd 2 jog 2 laps.huhu.tiring.thn mdm lye's period.evrybody ws tremndously hapy over hr she is our mntor.thn d last 3 period, no lecturers.bscly we hv to wait til 430 thn afte dt we cn gt bck we sneaked out.huahuahua.k jane n i planned to go to mv.mstakenly naek bus.s d macik said to..oke tis bus dik.thn u amik bus u45 to we were half lost.hhuhu.we managed to get to jusco maluri afte hlf n hour duhno-whr-to trip.,evn its jsco, we spent lots!my 1st outing w my clasmate cum rumate!

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