Thursday, September 30, 2010

he luvs u wen

  • A very obvious one when he takes interests in your matters like work schedule, it means he is really concerned with you and loves you.

  • Whenever a guy keeps a track on your habits, remembers whatever you do and say simply indicates his love for you.

  • When a guy wants to spend more time with you, dates out with you at places of your choice and share the your favorite pastimes then he is madly in love with you.

  • If he gives more importance to his friends even if you are sick or in need of him shows his lack of interest in you.

  • Changing of topic when you discuss about your future with him is not a good sign of a healthy relationship with your love.

  • If he doesn't want to spend time with you or don't ever want to go out with you in public and never introduces you to his friends mean he does not love you.

  • When he calls you or message you just to chitchat with you means he deeply loves you and was finding any reason to talk to you.

  • If he is really concerned about you and loves you then he would always take out time from his busy schedule.

  • When he keeps looking you when you are around and suddenly takes off his eyes when you look at him shows he's in love with you.

  • When he praises about you to his friends, family and others means he truly loves you.

  • His every action will make you believe he loves you.

  • If he changes his plans or cancels them last minute then he is surely avoiding you.

  • If he is trying to be friendly with you and tries to make an effort to know more about you shows signs of love for you.

  • You can make out from a person's eyes. The person in love with you has special shine in his eyes when he's talking to you.
discontented!hw cd u see incoming calls n act mcm dummy!bn sewing.complaint!bkn nk impress dgn talent! nk type.nti lg byk kuar!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


done 50% of beadings!yay..n x yay!loads mo to go.has to b done b4 goin bck to kl my in a fortnight!evntho its nt superr kewlssss am luvin it (kna luv la or else who wd?)

Monday, September 27, 2010

issue n issue n issue

door gift
whr to start ya.B"bb da book door gift?"
BB " da...." cnfdntly! oke thn ibu calles d suplier n she actly told ibu dt she cdnt keep hr promise.she is about to go to brunei n wl b bck on Dec!gulps.bole x col in4m dlu.aish..reason "sy hilang no f0n akk?" hmm bt its okela. trying to cr solution.suda tnsion dgn mcms2.nrvous jgn ckp suda mesti.i rly hv to go bck to kl bt wen?hmmmm wl go to jln tar or else i'l end up buying notingg..sgt nrvous.Ya Allah, permudahkan. Amin!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

my W ring

yeayyy!!!bought my W ring.evnth0 its nt like i oways wntd, i am cntnted bcz i chose it!of cz i wnt solitaire diamond.yet, i hv dt 4 my E!to othrs who r about to gt engaged, do choose ring OTHER thn solitaire diamond!or u'd end up drooling 4 it 4 yr Weding..

a)my E solitaire!nk cm neyh 4 W..tapii...x kn exctly sme kn
b) tis is my W ring.bought it @Mines.xplan nk beli.dd nt do any survey.wlkd in n bought.superb btol..cisttt!
wuteva pn.Syukur cz da setle..Alhmdulillah.wink!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

beadings mad at tailor yg bajet creatv.asked d tailor to add detail on beading here n thr yet she actly sew it n mtch it w dff colors.shud i sy MATCH nt!had to remuv ol d nonsence ting out of my solmnztion i m sewing rite nw.its nt dt i knw hw to do it,it s jst i add w plain crystal beads!denggg yu!

Friday, September 10, 2010

eid 10

evriting went s0 wrong!myb SILENCE is d best n acpting wts fated..i m nt decent 2 act like dt.deeply hurt i wd sy.heart n mind pls b str0ng n sane..(hihi).. gtg ch0ws