Saturday, June 6, 2009

06 06

d date is superb n it so hapend fall on satrdy, so most of the couple came to similar conclusion, to gt married!7 weds queue up ystrdy n i was tailing my parents s requestd..since 12noon to very late nite..omg tremendously exhausting.. it was MDIN's wed 2, moncheh's bgbro aka my sr, wich a cnot atnd to merrier d wedd..ya rite.hhuhu sory for dt bt abywy..CONGRATULATIONS..i told my frens i owiz like AIR SIRAP KENDURI..huhu less sweet, less color additive, overcold, d best part is, cn b refill..huhuhuhu..thy stil mk fun of it..

yani n d hub wed was superb..white canopy, white drapes, white tble cloth, white chair cover with lite puple satin tied up in ribbon shape, white dais, white breathtaking ly superb..lots of hot chicks i wd sy, dstibuting again, cute n nice doorgft.. not to forget, their luvly invitation card..dark velvet bckground with gold printed writing.i owiz like dark bckground in my artwurk.ya i luv art.i figured out my opinion on art wd nvr b d same w my frens.i value abstrct n mysterous piece, wic thy cnsiderd "rubish" is unique anywy..for the groom n d bride..i dn rly concern about their luk s their decoration took awy my atntion..thy were nice n decent..

we end up our tiring dy at poksu's home..i like to hng out thr bcz of the bby is.the high-pic.not toddler was super active n strong..luvs to bite wuteva he cud..n luvs hndfon so bdly..u beter hide yrs sumwehr, under yr booty, it doesnt wurk..he noes hw to find mom md hm to the cradle, he still yell, he end up slept like a log in the cradle w his che mu..(tiger) in hs cute..

owh not forgotten, june 6, wani's brthday.ya tis gal, my frens owiz ask about this hard-to-meet gal s she is homey lady.rarely hngin out w us, she prefer to sy quiet i suposed..n its d only me who try to kip in touch w hr..haha..HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY god bless you..

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