Monday, June 28, 2010


1) vry gorgeous d hijab style..d shining beaded n definitely d c0lor..
2) this is zahnita modeling d kbaye wic i tink lawa gelss
3) fresh flowers hnd bouquet..color combined superbbo
4) d guest w purple color omg sgt hotssss!

no m0re tears:(

its nt bcz i detrmine nt2cry nemore.its bcz i dn hv any tears lft..i 1ce experincd tis momnt, whr i cried s0 bdly n it turned to severe headache..n lckily tis nw isnt dt bad.its stil managble.skul hr wasnt gud afteral.i yelled evritym..s0ry kids..;(.. we nd any?if u tink s0, ape i nk mks me ade barrier..huge barier btwn us..frustrating jgk wen u com2me wen u r in tr0uble..niat je la..Lillahitaa'la..b str0ng!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

hw 2 unleash ma tensi0n?

am under pressure.w nt so mny frens ere.. rly hv to find wys al0ne!SHOPPING!!^_^..
1)a pair of nu jeans..
2)an oversized bag..bole ltk macam2..n d bger it is, d hrder nk find stuff
3)a must hv item..FLIPFLOPSS..comfy oke!
4)n cravin for this fud!thnx to k zen who brot us here
yummiestttttt!stil..wont tk awy my tense! :(

need a shoulder to cry on..

am so sad..frustrated.tis piccas r best 2 dscribe my curent feeling...

typical me..crying.sum ppl may dslike let me b me..

i wish..i hd a shoulder to cry on..wic i kinda losing it nw.i dn rmmbr hw it feels..those i hv it bck?...or else i jst hv to choke maslf w chocs..

kinder j0y,nvr fails to bring bck my natural em0tion...for a few sec0nds :(..
arghh am hatin wt past is past..klu nt me yg slfish.ther's owiz SELFISH sum1 out thr..dn wna hurt dt much.gona mould selfishness in me..

its 2010

yeah..hvnt bn blogging 4 ages..i m nt a gud writer seeing evbdy is bz doin tis..i wna show mine to0..u'l noe wut i owz up2..hmm curently i m wurkin on my w** prep.cheh nk brahsia..geli gels!hehe n am crntly engaged!upss..

and i hv a super cute niece! bby Nur Aisyah Damia..miaaaa