Thursday, May 14, 2009


ouch..its bn a while i dn write netin in my blog.sory dear online diary.i was bz n stil bz til dec 09 i suposed.plz, no mo afte dt.hahha.wts world is luk like with no bz schedule here n weird though.gosh, stil gt asgnmnt to hnd in tomorw.n mini minee presentation on elt.plz dn sy it is tl u wut,she cn jump into sumtin else dpend on hr wish.,opfuly, she'l b in gud mud tomorw.cross fngers..tonite nd to complete d ip essay also.tis time around,opfuly pn salmawati wl b hapy w our wurk.aftral, i hv to redo d 2nd essay.sobs!havent mit my frens since tis pli course(ya, rite)haha bt its tru anywy.min invited us to cekeb hr bday party tis let c wt cn i do for hr.i only resev time to date jimi.othr thn dt, completing d endless asgnmnt n topup tdo!bn besfrens with eyebag due to lack of sleep!to those who r about to aply tis kpli course, b prepared mentally n physicaly,its rly a tough course.nt to frghten it rly is.but wisely manage yr time, u'l hv ample of time to me!it is cool to0.n we r about to go prcticum in a month time n cnot imagine hw i m gona miz ilmu khas n all d super talentd lectures!d best team evr..TESL lecturers..i'l b replacing u guys..ahahaha...brighter future!yummyy..

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