Friday, May 15, 2009

ticer's dy

stil early in d morning..i m having backpain due to xtra sleep.hoohoh nice wikend!n its ticer's dy t00!luvly.received wishes frm teachr frens.huhu thnx guys.u r awesome!i m gona hv a date bt tell u wut.somtimes we fight over dts rly we r.i duhno.myb i shud'v learn to luv myslf tings for hlp is needed.eloo i m a big smart gal.wt do i nd frm stil, miz my mumy so badly.bu, winduuu..sobs.cnt wait to go bck didnt book any tic yet.haha bn browsed airasia quite sometimes.i was jst so lazy to open up my purse n take out "HASSAN ALI" crdit card n book it!huhu.wl do it soon.

i wna sleep, again!

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