Monday, June 1, 2009

My A+ RW lecturer..

She is miss siti hawa w ful of knlwdge n sacracism. Ya she cd b vry sarcastic..dn try to argue w hr cz its nt worthwhile..she kips winning u noe..
Owh tis lady vry funy. I knw she rly wntd to scold us in today’s class bt since we r old enuf to b scold..she peril us like hell..
She keep mentioned about the THICK BOOK OF EXCUSES that we keep in d dt we cn gv hr excuses wen we needed to..coitt..hahaha we were laughing..
She owiz thinks sheis young..huhuhu..oke miz hawa since u r my fave lec, I admit it..
She pushed us to read..ya she shud ..if nt..wt us the R stands for..its READING..
She is the head of HEP..dn mess w hr on car parking issue..huhuhu..she’b hot s che cd b..she has to do wut she has to she rly doesn’t wnt to stop us from park in campus area, but rules is still a rules..u commit mstke, pay hr 50 bucks! D most part is, admitting it.. dn create story or else..
She is very kind hearted person.. how suck yr attitude is towards her, she’l gv u second chnces…siriesly..she is very considerable peson..just be vry transparent whn u r dealing w tis iron lady..(ello,,y she’s iron nw..hahaha)

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