Thursday, May 21, 2009

itw wikend!

yes2..its wikend.elo, y m i so excited ere.w 7 assgnmnts queuing, i shudv grin like stil i wnt to!hmm i m goin to joli tis ptg.wtchin bridewars.jimi downoaded 4 me.thnx babe.

we hd our(me n k jane) lunch at Q BISTRO s owiz.i m nt rly into mamak's fud anywy bt it ws our 4th visit tis wik.haha.i sw k moon wic i was not jus-in-time to sy 1st i cudnt rcgnize hr bcz she luks chubbier.huhu sory akks..

supsdly i pick up a fren frm a bsu station but hr bf wna pick its oke, i dn rly hv ting to do rite nw.jst chit chating w my drowsy rumet.i noe, she is about to sleep ..hahahah..she is sleeping nw! fast..

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