Wednesday, December 31, 2008

i luv my b

ppl said i m jiwang.sum said i m spoilt.n sum said i m unique.wteva it is,i m gona luf my b.oryt oke.he cheated me s he planned a surprise 4 me.he jst wna kip it s scret.planned evrriting dt he nvr dd b4..omg b.don u noe hw muc it means 2 me?u scared me to stil gotcha.yr surprise hs jst revealed.huhu.u beter wurk harder nx tym.thnx b 4 d luvly thoughts.i m completely touched by u.bby i m amazed by u.u r so sweet.oke fine.i noe.i olwz grumping n mumbling bout hw u treatd me.n u jst widely open yr eyes n do sumting bg 4 is rly sumting b!luking 4ward more surprises s i hv lot mo to gv to u my only b..n olwz be u, b!

nu yr resolution

alrdy 09.owh noee.evriting age resolutions r
1.stdy smart
2.get gud result
3.exclnt mankind
4.thick pocket
5.gaining xtra 1kg
6.b matured
7.reunion w rndu korng..muah2
8.b guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud
9.b no 1 olwz

been cheated

sy kene tpu..i rly bn cheated.i m shaking.rly head spin.i cnot type so fast.i m shaking.cnot blv i v bn cheatd.cnot stop crying.i m dying.cnt breath.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


huhu i m so0o0o0o over the moon.guest wut?its wage,salary,remuneration.ahaks.yeah.finaly,my outsnding wage is bnk in into my account.hepi2 sgt.oke here i cum.listing stuf dt i wna buy.yeash..1stly,tis co0l e90..

secondly d jeans.owh, i shd ve stick to size 26.i dn wna get skinnier.nw is oke.sum sys i m zombie..i tink i m oke..rite?

oversized hndbag,wic i cdnt find any while i jst use tis pic.kinda oke..uish lame x shoping d above-mentioned is jst crap n nonsence.i wont spend my money dt wy cz i m a huge fan of i'l kip it safe w me s long s i come alwz~..hmmmmm

Monday, December 29, 2008

ticer cum student

huhuhu..i ws a ticer ops wait..i m stil a ticer.i teach geogrphy.haha.n bm of cz.mos of my stdnt dont noe i m also a bm ticer.bcz i owiz symbolize i teach 7 out of 10 f1 classes.i m also d form ticer of 1 gigih(superb nih).i like my i m nt sure about em s i heard thy tlk behind my bck.thy said teacher favoritism.hmm wt cn i sy.let em kids b!..huhu.i found tis in my no1-in-class student's blog.lily.huhu

myb i pushed hr to do so0.since hr bm ticer is in thr to0, s sincere feeling of hers.haha

so..since i m going to b a stdnt so0n.i prepared fw tings alrdy.hahah kecowh i rly dd.huhu.d 1sting is.i bought tis luvly n funky pencil case

huu luvly rite?quite i cn put evritin in it includes my fon.yeah~.thm come my exm pad.ish.vry expnsv ek tis stuff..mhl btul nowadys.cmne nk blaja..oke thrifty.anywy,environmnt isnt wisely use d paper,so i cn save trees.luv d environmnt.

n these r tote bags dt i hvnt decide yet wic 1 is gona b my skulbag.i tink both is oke.yeah.i m gona use em by turn.

enjoying my early preps.huhuhu.lotz to go!i m gona b guuuuud.reall gudddd..self

boring~ boring..its 1135am..x tking my bth yet..i woke up around 10 am.bcz of my mom's fon kept ringing..nxt to my ear.ish ibu nie.she left hr hnd fon.myb she was rushing to hr school s pmr result wil b announcin so0n.butterfly in d pmr candies's stomach!huhu..wish u guys bestest of luck!sure wil do.hmm..rly dad bought me nsi bungkus.wt i jst lost my appetite.all i'l eat d bf fon is still off..yeah.he loves doing dt.wic i hate it so0 much!wt cn i sy.simple ting.simple mind.cnot bear sumtyms.

evrydy, rite i left my bed(couch cum bed),i on my lappy.ceting.surfing.blogging.facebooking(pet society game!..damn awesome).owiz cet w my smart student..w frens..gosipping.i dn rly hv frens yming lately.wondering whr thy r..mostly mimie.s i asked hr to buy me sumting from d indon.whr is she?..i nd it so bad mims!..huh!n my bf.he s owiz bz.boring~

seing my passive kittens who r sick!wk up lol oyen n tis DIB..hmmm..miss seing u guys playing around..sobs!

x idea me!

its bn awhile..lme btul x bloging.poor my follower..huhuhu..waiting for my luvly ideas.hahha luvly la sgt.d reason i dn do bloging is lacking of idea.n was to0 bz oso!fnly, i m completely free frm doing chores.b4 tis bz w sewing beads n hlping mom w stpm exm papers.n i m nck home in kb..or london (rite lily)..n jst find out fly fm ade kt kb nih..over d mun!yeay!gona set d freq in my car.fave canel so far.sory hitzfm..u hv to share d 1st plce w d flyfm oke?huhu.tinking..whn is my turn..i mean to get married snce both of my sblings olredy tied d knot..huhuhu nk gak.1 dy i will, amin..
for nw, i rly hv to focus on my kpli.snce i da nk msuk course,i hv to be well prepared ..s schedule pck.nk jd stdnt blik ni chalenging..frm all me..i noe i cn b a gud kpli product..acheh mcm ape je..huhu..s ide..i dn fil like sharing my things online..huhuhu..kip it 4 myslf..

to miss wait 4 d blog yaaa..

Thursday, December 18, 2008

1st wed of d year

actly..we had 2 weddings in d year 08.tis is the 1st bro n k ina. held in august.dn rmmbr d exact's d coolest pics of newly weds

the groom ~ long-hair groom..ish2.tis is my eldest brother.luk x maturedhuhuhu..

the bride~ my sis in law.nervous 4 d akad.huhuhu

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Walking Away"

I'm walking away from the troubles in my life
I'm walking away oh to find a better day
I'm walking away from the troubles in my life
I'm walking away oh to find a better day
I'm walking away

sometimes some people get me wrong
when it's something I've said or done
sometimes you feel there is no fun
that's why you turn and run
but now I truly realise
some people don't wanna compromise
well I saw them with my own eyes spreading those lies
and well I don't wanna live a lie, too many sleepless nights
not mentioning the fights, I'm sorry to say lady

I'm walking away from the troubles in my life
I'm walking away oh to find a better day
I'm walking away from the troubles in my life
I'm walking away oh to find a better day
I'm walking away

Well I'm so tired baby
things you say you're driving me away
whispers in the powder room baby
don't listen to the games they play
girl I thought you'd realise
I'm not like them other guys
coz I saw them with my own eyes
you should've been more wise
and well I don't wanna live a lie, too many sleepless nights
not mentioning the fights, I'm sorry to say lady

I'm walking away from the troubles in my life
I'm walking away oh to find a better day
I'm walking away from the troubles in my life
I'm walking away oh to find a better day
I'm walking away

i tot things r gona gt its not..wt cn i sy..heartache..


i like tis song s0o0o0o0 muc!tis song was dedicated to me.i instantly fall for tis song,luvly lyrics a bit sarcastic,bt i jst njoi d blur..oke~huhu
i shud'v tis vclip in my fon so i cn browse 24 7..kip looking for co0o0o0lest songs dedicate to me! tHuMbs Up guys..


ish tbe2 rs nk g iati sy n aida promised to g png end of tis i duhno npe x sdnly, d feling of going on vacation is like telling me to do it nw!hmmm wt a freak.nk g joho,png..n etc..anywhr w frens!buncches of frens..u r d coolest babes!owh..i wna laugh til late @ nite.gosiping n hiting each othr.snaping pics.updated news of each of us!..damn so co0l.ble nk jmpe neyh.windu sgt evrybody.
mostly atie,yah,mimie,aqeem,fizE,deyla,dyg,awien,jasmin,de e,alyn,afzan..n semmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmuaaaaaaaaaaa!i jst cudnt list all of u i rly mizz d moment @smapk mozly.d smell of dewan mkn(eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuuuu), late to musolla or mosque, sneak tru study room's wndow, b4 al-mulk..TIDO0o0o0(keji btul)..beli n sdnly kantoi!evriting from a to z!...muchos!

its all about me

wt i like
1.being pampered
3.bunches of family
5.telo mate
7.flip flops lappy nfon cats..all of em
11.bizarre stuff
i cudnt list nemo..hmmmm..

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the sun of my day

tis is my cyg.huhu i luf hm a million~..evnto we luf each othr so muc, we stil fite sure, we hndle it in a blink of eyes!ryt b..hmm..wndu b sgt.he s wurking 4 sapura.great job honey.muah2


hik2.batal air smbyg..dn loose it ek my sis..

b4 tis, i dn gt it y garl r brimming w tears afte jd a wife..afte dt,i phm..sobs

tgh tggu di isterikan..i m happy 4 u sis!..

here's some pics of my sis's bgday!..tis is b4 d suke overshadow..c.i wear whitey mtch w d theme dt nyt..i wear d pink shawl..tis was taken by d programmer cum photographer..abg bob!my cousin in law.huhu

Monday, December 15, 2008

owh..i cnt bliv it.i m d bachelorette of d family..sobs2! 4 me..n 4 sure a huge smile for 2 newly wed couples!my abg da kawen on augs sis's wed was on 12 n 13..i'l upload d photo later on ek.thnx to the guests!mosly my 2 frens nab n wox(bukan nama sbnr)..aida n aya.yg dtg da ptg cz aida oso d bridesmaid.oso besties since primary..luv u million..evntho it was myhem here n thr,we managed to mk it ke..of cz!no mo last minit prep ya dea family..i luv d plamin @home n @ dewan..umah pnye evn cooler.d mkup was fine..n tdung was superb!evriting was thumbs up!congrate to d bridal owner, k effa n k zura.u guys rawk!to the 10 pari aged 15-18, thnx.u were awesome!..i dn hv to rush bg2 door gift.s korg ade..huhuhu..we were on the line!same theme.awesome GREEN!heheh..

Sunday, December 7, 2008


yeay.rye again.i wk up l8 tis m0ning.we rushd 2 msjd..t0t da rmi..ibu dpt 2nd s0f.he2.ada 1aunty,nk dok tpi dnding.bnci bt0l.slfishnez..we mngd 2 fnsh our pryr n dgr we ddnt realizd ble imam bc d0a..anywy,tis is d 1st eidladha wt0ut my bg br0.he's in perak.clbr8 w in laws.0nly lft at,my sis(getin maried in 4dys lg),ibu n dad.hmm..nxyear,mite b dcrease.s0bs!wt ab0ut me?wt ab0ut my parents?erm,i smell rndng n l0deh..nk g mkn.yums..

oficialy in kb

yeah,i m bck in kltn.fw stf 2 c0mplete.include d 2nd weds of d year.yeah.tiring sgt.mcm la hlpful,i tink byk lg kna setle.d0orgft, fresh r0ses 2 ordr, i dn hv bju 4 d bridsmaid.ish.akak tail0r ckp,owh s0ry.xckp kakitgn.el0o.pas2,cne?hm.5dys 2 go..evriting mum is bz markng stpm paper.cian ibu.n she d0esnt trust 4 dtail part..nt sis..hmmm..

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

eo bubye

what?..wut? waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattt?..hmmm ala..isk..yea..aissh..
mcm2 bunyi feeling mixed up.apointmnt as n EO kna rejct..mcm tuh je aku rejct..nk wat cmne sbb da ade offer kna blik kb for @least a month!..i was tremendously enrgtc on my 1st day @ wurk! plb-kh bina sdn bhd. post environmntal officer (EO) rly perfct gle ng my, ble dscuss over ng capt syipudin(HSE Manager), x fair for thm nk wait for me anothr 1 month..mybe bole tggu,,since i ckp..its 50/50..dorg pn x leh nk ckp ape..thnx to capt.he dd help me loads!tq..tnjuk me d site, aja tings mcm2..blnje minum..phm plk tu aku nk nanges..adeh..superb neyh!..g kh bina bn till 12 noon je..huk2 otw blik uma pn..nanges lg..sobs!sad maaaaa!much-awaited oppurtunity..x per la..mybe ther's a blessing in disguise .. tink 3 dys, blik kltn for rye x taw nk blik w my sis ke..w my knari..ish.x pela.tggu je tym tuh boleh yeay!