Monday, June 1, 2009

humm finaly, we r d kpliS having 3-wik hols..huhu..i noe2..dn get jeolus.wel,we dd wel for the las few months completing non-stop asgnmnt til last fridy u noe..oke wedeserve tis..agree aite? sweet u guys.
i attended zaim's wed sumwhr at sepang.w few x skulmates.sum lose few kilos, sum are gaining.muncet2..ladies of the nite only me n awin(s alwiz).opfuly to hv more howty babes rockin d is a gud reason for a mini gath wut..we nvr hd chnce to organize tis is d time..upcoming wed is nana's..aish..kip counting other's big day..wut about mine??!oke frens, do pry 4 me..
staring at my SKINNY storybuk..aish..wonder wen wil i mit the back cover.d storyline isnt interesting s i expctd.jst my myslf tink it is cool.well,its rm5 anywy.just bought 7 of em frm RnW lec kip asking wen wl i complete reading it..ahhaha "i just bought it yestrdy" lucky at dt moment..or else..i'd KENA!..
i was tremendously lucky s i nvr gt any sumon over parked in the cmpus zone.ish..cnot b so isnt fnish hapend 1 dy wen evrybody's car reg no on d p guard's board, mine was not thr.u noe wut..s i park at music blok.lec's zone.huu.i was late at d moning, so hapend d car park was unlucky n lucky..:).i noe, thy mite fil dscnted over dt, bcz sum gt 2 summons.huhu..
kpli..lodsa tings goin on.scandlism here n thr..i nvr tot of my fren being d 3rd party or any1 wud onvolve w maried,do nt critics over tings dt u dslike so badly or else, u'd act like one.well expect d unexpectd..jst b in othr's shoe.we mite nt undrstnd y thy actd dt wy, bt at least stv bck n nvr is like a GOOD YEAR..

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