Thursday, May 21, 2009

itw wikend!

yes2..its wikend.elo, y m i so excited ere.w 7 assgnmnts queuing, i shudv grin like stil i wnt to!hmm i m goin to joli tis ptg.wtchin bridewars.jimi downoaded 4 me.thnx babe.

we hd our(me n k jane) lunch at Q BISTRO s owiz.i m nt rly into mamak's fud anywy bt it ws our 4th visit tis wik.haha.i sw k moon wic i was not jus-in-time to sy 1st i cudnt rcgnize hr bcz she luks chubbier.huhu sory akks..

supsdly i pick up a fren frm a bsu station but hr bf wna pick its oke, i dn rly hv ting to do rite nw.jst chit chating w my drowsy rumet.i noe, she is about to sleep ..hahahah..she is sleeping nw! fast..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

hideous day for me

i woke up at 7am s owiz.stared at my bz rumet.printing hr asgnmnt dt shud b hnd in by tody.was too lzy to muv til she grabd hr towel to shower.i sat w eyes closed n thought of wut shud i wear.hmm beige bj hart was empty..i ddnt rly wurk out for PS return,we rly shud burn d midnite oil tonyt.we is bcz it's a grup wurk.i m jst nt hapy nw.n so is my fren.spouse issue.wen tis ting wl end ya.i gv hr lotsa advices wich it was for me to0.i acted cool so dt she cd only trust me.haha.i ope she'l b oke wic i noe she wl.its d mater of time.we jst mk ourslvs bz completing d asgnmnt assigned.its anothr 1 wik to go.hapy for upcoming 3-wik hols yt gloomy to nt meeting my clasmte afterwrds.gona mz thm lor.all d gosips, mkn time, sourpuss n etc.our microteacing clsrum K1.1..o0o0 dear, our mdm lye.n othrs respctv lecturers.n mostly IPGM IK.muaaaaxxx!xoxo

Friday, May 15, 2009

ticer's dy

stil early in d morning..i m having backpain due to xtra sleep.hoohoh nice wikend!n its ticer's dy t00!luvly.received wishes frm teachr frens.huhu thnx guys.u r awesome!i m gona hv a date bt tell u wut.somtimes we fight over dts rly we r.i duhno.myb i shud'v learn to luv myslf tings for hlp is needed.eloo i m a big smart gal.wt do i nd frm stil, miz my mumy so badly.bu, winduuu..sobs.cnt wait to go bck didnt book any tic yet.haha bn browsed airasia quite sometimes.i was jst so lazy to open up my purse n take out "HASSAN ALI" crdit card n book it!huhu.wl do it soon.

i wna sleep, again!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


ouch..its bn a while i dn write netin in my blog.sory dear online diary.i was bz n stil bz til dec 09 i suposed.plz, no mo afte dt.hahha.wts world is luk like with no bz schedule here n weird though.gosh, stil gt asgnmnt to hnd in tomorw.n mini minee presentation on elt.plz dn sy it is tl u wut,she cn jump into sumtin else dpend on hr wish.,opfuly, she'l b in gud mud tomorw.cross fngers..tonite nd to complete d ip essay also.tis time around,opfuly pn salmawati wl b hapy w our wurk.aftral, i hv to redo d 2nd essay.sobs!havent mit my frens since tis pli course(ya, rite)haha bt its tru anywy.min invited us to cekeb hr bday party tis let c wt cn i do for hr.i only resev time to date jimi.othr thn dt, completing d endless asgnmnt n topup tdo!bn besfrens with eyebag due to lack of sleep!to those who r about to aply tis kpli course, b prepared mentally n physicaly,its rly a tough course.nt to frghten it rly is.but wisely manage yr time, u'l hv ample of time to me!it is cool to0.n we r about to go prcticum in a month time n cnot imagine hw i m gona miz ilmu khas n all d super talentd lectures!d best team evr..TESL lecturers..i'l b replacing u guys..ahahaha...brighter future!yummyy..