Tuesday, June 2, 2009

weds, yaya n life

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i owiz tel my fren dt, jst atend d wed evn u r nt invitd or bn invtd via fs or fb "to all................"..
jst b thr..bcz d bride/groom has loatsa wurk to do.dn hv enuf time to ask for evrybody's add.ya thy cd find frm skul mags but ello, i dn evn noe whr mine is..but, tody, i figured out well u noe, myb u r nt invitd bcz of cannot-be-fogtn crisis..duhhh, grow up babes..aishh..

i do hv issue w my body nw cz evribdy askd me to eat.gain sum xtra kgs.mmm corction.i m nt dt skinny or evn hollow.i m fine.huhu my weight stil 47 wut.since forver.s long s i m nt aneroxic,i m fine.huhu.s long s B said i m gud, i m fine 2.i dn like to b call hollow.bcz my trdmrk is chubby.:)

like owiz, i dn ave muc to share.mz ol my frns.my k1.1 frens.ya, u guys..if its holiday, doesnt mean d ym is on hols too ok..do kip in touch 247.cz we r d coolest clsrum evr evn sum r dsagree but hey, if nt us to b proud of 1.1, who else wl?so stop crtics yr own superb topsy-turvy cls.cz i m hapy, grateful n blessd being ere.ya i noe, my "wuteva" and "eeeuuuuuuuuu" might annoyd u guys sumtimes, well, at least u'l rmmbr me once u pasd MISS WHATEVER store, i noe geetha do!:)
my class..

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