Friday, January 2, 2009

yawn..blink..wt m i gona do tody.dt s wt was i tinking 1ce i open my mmg menggelabh..s i nervous to start a nu dad doesnt wnt me 2 bring my car at least for a fortnight.hmm.s ipik x sdiakn hostel.i hv to sty sumwhr.i it b my bagi house or a house nearby.hmmm tinking2.

i on my lappy n surfed by line.neatly, nd to print out lampiran 1, 2, 3 n borang kit pndftrn.oke.gosh,my printer is nt functioning.manually refill d ink n thn spilt on my hnd.stil ade blck stain.ish x suke2.end up.d printer is stil nt i cnt print d doc i transfered a kpli folder to my 1g pndrive.later,i l print @ my dad nk wurking on dt printer.

afte smyg jumaat,(mcmla aku yg smyg)..huhu we went out to town.cri 4 skul uniform.i bot d XL size.i m 24 anywy.huhuhu.try to find d blue blck i v chnged my bought d blck sleek bottom.lots of tings i bought 4 today.d garment most of thm.wt else.whitey cloth.head taken.scrathing my nt much done tody.hmmm..2 b continued..

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