Saturday, June 6, 2009

06 06

d date is superb n it so hapend fall on satrdy, so most of the couple came to similar conclusion, to gt married!7 weds queue up ystrdy n i was tailing my parents s requestd..since 12noon to very late nite..omg tremendously exhausting.. it was MDIN's wed 2, moncheh's bgbro aka my sr, wich a cnot atnd to merrier d wedd..ya rite.hhuhu sory for dt bt abywy..CONGRATULATIONS..i told my frens i owiz like AIR SIRAP KENDURI..huhu less sweet, less color additive, overcold, d best part is, cn b refill..huhuhuhu..thy stil mk fun of it..

yani n d hub wed was superb..white canopy, white drapes, white tble cloth, white chair cover with lite puple satin tied up in ribbon shape, white dais, white breathtaking ly superb..lots of hot chicks i wd sy, dstibuting again, cute n nice doorgft.. not to forget, their luvly invitation card..dark velvet bckground with gold printed writing.i owiz like dark bckground in my artwurk.ya i luv art.i figured out my opinion on art wd nvr b d same w my frens.i value abstrct n mysterous piece, wic thy cnsiderd "rubish" is unique anywy..for the groom n d bride..i dn rly concern about their luk s their decoration took awy my atntion..thy were nice n decent..

we end up our tiring dy at poksu's home..i like to hng out thr bcz of the bby is.the high-pic.not toddler was super active n strong..luvs to bite wuteva he cud..n luvs hndfon so bdly..u beter hide yrs sumwehr, under yr booty, it doesnt wurk..he noes hw to find mom md hm to the cradle, he still yell, he end up slept like a log in the cradle w his che mu..(tiger) in hs cute..

owh not forgotten, june 6, wani's brthday.ya tis gal, my frens owiz ask about this hard-to-meet gal s she is homey lady.rarely hngin out w us, she prefer to sy quiet i suposed..n its d only me who try to kip in touch w hr..haha..HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY god bless you..

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

weds, yaya n life

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i owiz tel my fren dt, jst atend d wed evn u r nt invitd or bn invtd via fs or fb "to all................"..
jst b thr..bcz d bride/groom has loatsa wurk to do.dn hv enuf time to ask for evrybody's add.ya thy cd find frm skul mags but ello, i dn evn noe whr mine is..but, tody, i figured out well u noe, myb u r nt invitd bcz of cannot-be-fogtn crisis..duhhh, grow up babes..aishh..

i do hv issue w my body nw cz evribdy askd me to eat.gain sum xtra kgs.mmm corction.i m nt dt skinny or evn hollow.i m fine.huhu my weight stil 47 wut.since forver.s long s i m nt aneroxic,i m fine.huhu.s long s B said i m gud, i m fine 2.i dn like to b call hollow.bcz my trdmrk is chubby.:)

like owiz, i dn ave muc to ol my k1.1 frens.ya, u guys..if its holiday, doesnt mean d ym is on hols too kip in touch we r d coolest clsrum evr evn sum r dsagree but hey, if nt us to b proud of 1.1, who else wl?so stop crtics yr own superb topsy-turvy i m hapy, grateful n blessd being ere.ya i noe, my "wuteva" and "eeeuuuuuuuuu" might annoyd u guys sumtimes, well, at least u'l rmmbr me once u pasd MISS WHATEVER store, i noe geetha do!:)
my class..

Monday, June 1, 2009

humm finaly, we r d kpliS having 3-wik hols..huhu..i noe2..dn get jeolus.wel,we dd wel for the las few months completing non-stop asgnmnt til last fridy u noe..oke wedeserve tis..agree aite? sweet u guys.
i attended zaim's wed sumwhr at sepang.w few x skulmates.sum lose few kilos, sum are gaining.muncet2..ladies of the nite only me n awin(s alwiz).opfuly to hv more howty babes rockin d is a gud reason for a mini gath wut..we nvr hd chnce to organize tis is d time..upcoming wed is nana's..aish..kip counting other's big day..wut about mine??!oke frens, do pry 4 me..
staring at my SKINNY storybuk..aish..wonder wen wil i mit the back cover.d storyline isnt interesting s i expctd.jst my myslf tink it is cool.well,its rm5 anywy.just bought 7 of em frm RnW lec kip asking wen wl i complete reading it..ahhaha "i just bought it yestrdy" lucky at dt moment..or else..i'd KENA!..
i was tremendously lucky s i nvr gt any sumon over parked in the cmpus zone.ish..cnot b so isnt fnish hapend 1 dy wen evrybody's car reg no on d p guard's board, mine was not thr.u noe wut..s i park at music blok.lec's zone.huu.i was late at d moning, so hapend d car park was unlucky n lucky..:).i noe, thy mite fil dscnted over dt, bcz sum gt 2 summons.huhu..
kpli..lodsa tings goin on.scandlism here n thr..i nvr tot of my fren being d 3rd party or any1 wud onvolve w maried,do nt critics over tings dt u dslike so badly or else, u'd act like one.well expect d unexpectd..jst b in othr's shoe.we mite nt undrstnd y thy actd dt wy, bt at least stv bck n nvr is like a GOOD YEAR..

My A+ RW lecturer..

She is miss siti hawa w ful of knlwdge n sacracism. Ya she cd b vry sarcastic..dn try to argue w hr cz its nt worthwhile..she kips winning u noe..
Owh tis lady vry funy. I knw she rly wntd to scold us in today’s class bt since we r old enuf to b scold..she peril us like hell..
She keep mentioned about the THICK BOOK OF EXCUSES that we keep in d dt we cn gv hr excuses wen we needed to..coitt..hahaha we were laughing..
She owiz thinks sheis young..huhuhu..oke miz hawa since u r my fave lec, I admit it..
She pushed us to read..ya she shud ..if nt..wt us the R stands for..its READING..
She is the head of HEP..dn mess w hr on car parking issue..huhuhu..she’b hot s che cd b..she has to do wut she has to she rly doesn’t wnt to stop us from park in campus area, but rules is still a rules..u commit mstke, pay hr 50 bucks! D most part is, admitting it.. dn create story or else..
She is very kind hearted person.. how suck yr attitude is towards her, she’l gv u second chnces…siriesly..she is very considerable peson..just be vry transparent whn u r dealing w tis iron lady..(ello,,y she’s iron nw..hahaha)