Thursday, January 22, 2009

hmmm tiring lyf bt fun!tis is my 10th dy living s a trainee..quite co0l.n tody kinda hctic.i woke up around 6.45 whr thn i hv to wait 4 15 minits to tk my ws queue!thn i rushed to my tesl block s it my tk 25 minits to gt thr.loo0o0o0ng journy.s owiz,i brought d mcd a i cnot stnd d menu at d tesl's cafe.damnnnnn gud.temptation!huaaaa..tody kinda relaxing dy.class wasnt ful s d lecturers r away for we stil hd 2 jog 2 laps.huhu.tiring.thn mdm lye's period.evrybody ws tremndously hapy over hr she is our mntor.thn d last 3 period, no lecturers.bscly we hv to wait til 430 thn afte dt we cn gt bck we sneaked out.huahuahua.k jane n i planned to go to mv.mstakenly naek bus.s d macik said to..oke tis bus dik.thn u amik bus u45 to we were half lost.hhuhu.we managed to get to jusco maluri afte hlf n hour duhno-whr-to trip.,evn its jsco, we spent lots!my 1st outing w my clasmate cum rumate!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


i went out w BEEE s he come bck for fun!gud job tired.n 1 dy left utk g IPIK.huhuhu.sad2 nd to kemas2 brg n smua2 so dt nti x left out for d fortnight(at least) no beloved knari kene kitties.oyen, dib n leisure tym oso bubye.b hs a crush on nu fon.huhu its e71..pry b!pry 4 it

Thursday, January 8, 2009

ways to unleash tension

1. eat..sweet fud.icekim n chocc.rly wurk!
2. sleep
3. yming
4. blogging
5. play guitar ( wic i dn hv any)
6. goin out
7. rock d beach
8. lsten to0 co0o0lest songs
9. tidy up yr car
10. play w the pet
11. self-snap dfrnt pose!
12. usha org n followed w critics.ish2 noty2
13. wear my pink jack parcel n crocs
14. dress up
15. cook
16. chnge d font of my ym
17. hng out w FRENDS..fren yg bestt!

p/s : turn off d lappy whnvr u r nt using

luveyduvey terms

these r the love terms used by a sweet couple, nicholas and helena
1. message terapung
~ a 3-page msg self created between d couple.d msg shud b sweet, unique, bloated w love msgs :)'.d importnt is, genuine!

2. tersejat
~ a feeling of overwhelming delighful over d action by spouse.or beter i sy, jst luking at hm, she is tersejat..huhu

3. sombong
~ a msg written only d word 'sombong'
~ it is because both of em didnt msg each other til noon

4- sipooooooooot
~ used wen msg r replied but a bit late

p/s : do protect d environmnt..wisely use d paper.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

uuuuuuuuuuuuuu walllaaaaah~

i luf my mks me snore..kro0o0h2.siriesly it does.n mk me wk up late in d monin.nx wik,i'l b in IPIK.pck schedule,assigment,rules,gerko n etc.eee nervousnye.i kip teling myslef.I CAN DO TIS..bassyaaaa!wonder who my housemate wl be.wonder r thy gud.wonder cn we gt along?uuuuuhh nervous.opfully evriting gona b super good!

Monday, January 5, 2009

taylor swift

i used to dislike hr.i used to avoid listning to hr songs.i nvr surf for T.A.Y.L.O.R i dn tink she's afte my fave stdnt (yeah,ticer favoritism) told me bout d lufstory song,i startd to like she is super cutthroat.she's genuine.prety of cz.hillarious.she writes hr songs.i wish i cd write to0.n tis is d vid dt i like mos so far..njoy d song n d gillllerrrrr!here s d link

Sunday, January 4, 2009

my dear yuT

hmm.browsed yuT's fb page.bunches pics of hr.we r cloz.damn cloz.we shared tings dt i bscly dn tell ppl about.n sure does she!its bn a while we r nt hit each othrs ass.hehe.i mz u yuT.d point is.we hv no pic togthr.sobs!such a u r rly my bestes speakin-diary ever.i calld hr on my gloomy dy.i learned hw to pleased a bf frm her.i used 2 b stif bt she turned me into sum1.thnx dear buddy.looking forwrd to hng out w you!

Friday, January 2, 2009

chill out me hearties, yuhu!

get to noe my besties snce scndry n stil!we were awesome n down n we rock d hostel(at least).gosiping we were gud @ tis!breaking d rules.late comer.truancy.'gangsterism.n ol d punishment.painting grill.bersih kolam.cabot ubi.wt type of ubi ek?we r stil superb n hotss!

tis is fize aka fiza.she gt hr name frm d question yg die tnye.
"knape org sebut asrama , asrama bukan asramE.kalau tiga, jadi tigE." sumting like dt.ever since, kitorg pggil die fize.huhu.vry sensitv.a nice fren.salu tdo katil die.she study,i tdo.huhuh.n nw stil pursue hr dgree i tink.sory if slh.huhu.she s bz.dlu kt india nw bck to mlacca

tis is atie.she s merdeka gal!vlntine of lan.stil studying.she's

ni aqeem n lad.dorg frens since primary.dyla is on d left.die da kije.i tink in kerteh mybe under ptronas.utp graduate.course e.e.n aqeem.stil an overc qeem.she s vru hapy go lucky.suke voice freq,cn reach d noise polution die gle happening.

d smallest fren bt big brain 4 sure!uia graduate.nursing course.die suke mntion stoKIN whn kite sebut stoKEN.huhu.we mk fun of dt.mkn agk byk tp stil kecik.jeles nieh.evn kcik leh drive bulky myvi.huhu n lju plk tuh.huhuh.ade twin..vry fair!

ni plak wanie.for sure head-coverd one.huhu.vry stuborn.she used to b i-wna-win in evry argumnt.huhu.die no longer dt wy.bcome so decent.giglingg..huhuhu..d way she dfrnt.vry d ayu person she is!bf=abie.

tis gal is awien.wt cn i sy about hr yeh?is she nice? she bad?oso yes.huhuh hard to hr eyes.she cn surely gv d steely luk dt u cnot stnd 4 2sconds.huhu.tis pic taken whn we were @d smol gath 4 d comitee mmbers.@ d eatery in snwy pyramid..

n mims.i dn hve yr pic.mimie is my bestie also.she nw stdy kt indon.

lamenyee x mit korng!wndu sgt.stick frens!
yawn..blink..wt m i gona do tody.dt s wt was i tinking 1ce i open my mmg menggelabh..s i nervous to start a nu dad doesnt wnt me 2 bring my car at least for a fortnight.hmm.s ipik x sdiakn hostel.i hv to sty sumwhr.i it b my bagi house or a house nearby.hmmm tinking2.

i on my lappy n surfed by line.neatly, nd to print out lampiran 1, 2, 3 n borang kit pndftrn.oke.gosh,my printer is nt functioning.manually refill d ink n thn spilt on my hnd.stil ade blck stain.ish x suke2.end up.d printer is stil nt i cnt print d doc i transfered a kpli folder to my 1g pndrive.later,i l print @ my dad nk wurking on dt printer.

afte smyg jumaat,(mcmla aku yg smyg)..huhu we went out to town.cri 4 skul uniform.i bot d XL size.i m 24 anywy.huhuhu.try to find d blue blck i v chnged my bought d blck sleek bottom.lots of tings i bought 4 today.d garment most of thm.wt else.whitey cloth.head taken.scrathing my nt much done tody.hmmm..2 b continued..