Wednesday, December 31, 2008

i luv my b

ppl said i m jiwang.sum said i m spoilt.n sum said i m unique.wteva it is,i m gona luf my b.oryt oke.he cheated me s he planned a surprise 4 me.he jst wna kip it s scret.planned evrriting dt he nvr dd b4..omg b.don u noe hw muc it means 2 me?u scared me to stil gotcha.yr surprise hs jst revealed.huhu.u beter wurk harder nx tym.thnx b 4 d luvly thoughts.i m completely touched by u.bby i m amazed by u.u r so sweet.oke fine.i noe.i olwz grumping n mumbling bout hw u treatd me.n u jst widely open yr eyes n do sumting bg 4 is rly sumting b!luking 4ward more surprises s i hv lot mo to gv to u my only b..n olwz be u, b!

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