Monday, December 29, 2008

ticer cum student

huhuhu..i ws a ticer ops wait..i m stil a ticer.i teach geogrphy.haha.n bm of cz.mos of my stdnt dont noe i m also a bm ticer.bcz i owiz symbolize i teach 7 out of 10 f1 classes.i m also d form ticer of 1 gigih(superb nih).i like my i m nt sure about em s i heard thy tlk behind my bck.thy said teacher favoritism.hmm wt cn i sy.let em kids b!..huhu.i found tis in my no1-in-class student's blog.lily.huhu

myb i pushed hr to do so0.since hr bm ticer is in thr to0, s sincere feeling of hers.haha

so..since i m going to b a stdnt so0n.i prepared fw tings alrdy.hahah kecowh i rly dd.huhu.d 1sting is.i bought tis luvly n funky pencil case

huu luvly rite?quite i cn put evritin in it includes my fon.yeah~.thm come my exm pad.ish.vry expnsv ek tis stuff..mhl btul nowadys.cmne nk blaja..oke thrifty.anywy,environmnt isnt wisely use d paper,so i cn save trees.luv d environmnt.

n these r tote bags dt i hvnt decide yet wic 1 is gona b my skulbag.i tink both is oke.yeah.i m gona use em by turn.

enjoying my early preps.huhuhu.lotz to go!i m gona b guuuuud.reall gudddd..self

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