Monday, December 15, 2008

owh..i cnt bliv it.i m d bachelorette of d family..sobs2! 4 me..n 4 sure a huge smile for 2 newly wed couples!my abg da kawen on augs sis's wed was on 12 n 13..i'l upload d photo later on ek.thnx to the guests!mosly my 2 frens nab n wox(bukan nama sbnr)..aida n aya.yg dtg da ptg cz aida oso d bridesmaid.oso besties since primary..luv u million..evntho it was myhem here n thr,we managed to mk it ke..of cz!no mo last minit prep ya dea family..i luv d plamin @home n @ dewan..umah pnye evn cooler.d mkup was fine..n tdung was superb!evriting was thumbs up!congrate to d bridal owner, k effa n k zura.u guys rawk!to the 10 pari aged 15-18, thnx.u were awesome!..i dn hv to rush bg2 door gift.s korg ade..huhuhu..we were on the line!same theme.awesome GREEN!heheh..

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