Monday, December 29, 2008

x idea me!

its bn awhile..lme btul x bloging.poor my follower..huhuhu..waiting for my luvly ideas.hahha luvly la sgt.d reason i dn do bloging is lacking of idea.n was to0 bz oso!fnly, i m completely free frm doing chores.b4 tis bz w sewing beads n hlping mom w stpm exm papers.n i m nck home in kb..or london (rite lily)..n jst find out fly fm ade kt kb nih..over d mun!yeay!gona set d freq in my car.fave canel so far.sory hitzfm..u hv to share d 1st plce w d flyfm oke?huhu.tinking..whn is my turn..i mean to get married snce both of my sblings olredy tied d knot..huhuhu nk gak.1 dy i will, amin..
for nw, i rly hv to focus on my kpli.snce i da nk msuk course,i hv to be well prepared ..s schedule pck.nk jd stdnt blik ni chalenging..frm all me..i noe i cn b a gud kpli product..acheh mcm ape je..huhu..s ide..i dn fil like sharing my things online..huhuhu..kip it 4 myslf..

to miss wait 4 d blog yaaa..

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