Monday, December 29, 2008

boring~ boring..its 1135am..x tking my bth yet..i woke up around 10 am.bcz of my mom's fon kept ringing..nxt to my ear.ish ibu nie.she left hr hnd fon.myb she was rushing to hr school s pmr result wil b announcin so0n.butterfly in d pmr candies's stomach!huhu..wish u guys bestest of luck!sure wil do.hmm..rly dad bought me nsi bungkus.wt i jst lost my appetite.all i'l eat d bf fon is still off..yeah.he loves doing dt.wic i hate it so0 much!wt cn i sy.simple ting.simple mind.cnot bear sumtyms.

evrydy, rite i left my bed(couch cum bed),i on my lappy.ceting.surfing.blogging.facebooking(pet society game!..damn awesome).owiz cet w my smart student..w frens..gosipping.i dn rly hv frens yming lately.wondering whr thy r..mostly mimie.s i asked hr to buy me sumting from d indon.whr is she?..i nd it so bad mims!..huh!n my bf.he s owiz bz.boring~

seing my passive kittens who r sick!wk up lol oyen n tis DIB..hmmm..miss seing u guys playing around..sobs!

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