Tuesday, December 16, 2008


hik2.batal air smbyg..dn loose it ek my sis..

b4 tis, i dn gt it y garl r brimming w tears afte jd a wife..afte dt,i phm..sobs

tgh tggu di isterikan..i m happy 4 u sis!..

here's some pics of my sis's bgday!..tis is b4 d akad.sy suke overshadow..c.i wear whitey oso.to mtch w d theme dt nyt..i wear d pink shawl..tis was taken by d programmer cum photographer..abg bob!my cousin in law.huhu

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  1. b suka this baju and tudung...lawa sgt..kalah pengantin...huhuhu...u look shining and so beautiful sgt syg