Tuesday, December 30, 2008


huhu i m so0o0o0o over the moon.guest wut?its wage,salary,remuneration.ahaks.yeah.finaly,my outsnding wage is bnk in into my account.hepi2 sgt.oke here i cum.listing stuf dt i wna buy.yeash..1stly,tis co0l e90..

secondly d jeans.owh, i shd ve stick to size 26.i dn wna get skinnier.nw is oke.sum sys i m zombie..i tink i m oke..rite?

oversized hndbag,wic i cdnt find any while surfing.so i jst use tis pic.kinda oke..uish lame x shoping

huhu..al d above-mentioned is jst crap n nonsence.i wont spend my money dt wy cz i m a huge fan of money.so i'l kip it safe w me s long s i cn..owh..wage.do come alwz~..hmmmmm

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