Wednesday, August 18, 2010


ibu has orderd _____ s d doorgft s she dsapruv my latest proposal.."x pyh la..nti spe nk deco..dh lmbt sng beli trus siap.." baik yg mnurut perinth..hehe.i duhno myslf d color of d doorgft s i requestd for slver+grey..pls b cntek akk!she'l send d smple soon..cpt2 cnt wait..4 our special guest.hmm nt sure.hs to rediscus so we wont overlook bout tis again..i dn dream any nomaly ibu wl do tis part..thn bu!(yr bdget..wont hv muc to sy prhps..)

let's enjoi tis cute+adorble door gift..chumils kn

tis 1 pn simple n d color ouch..melting!sgt swit..smilin al d wy lukin @tis..

mine wd super vary frm these 2!hope it turns nice n s oways.i kip things simple..

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