Thursday, August 19, 2010


plum deco w light color bckground.isnt dt gorgeous?i personaly dslike to combine 2 colors equally.u noe wut i mean..suke 1 color is d othr giler minor..(ok gedix)pkir brngn mmg budget kna ade..pakcik x idea mau gilos.luv tis simple deco yet cliche i wd sy.went 2 IKEA n atrctd to white frame but woried bout d envi of d house.s my simple wed wl b held at our house (s requested by ibu)ank last i hv to kick my b*** of to actly do tis deco by myslf..perlu hunting some stuff n accesories in tis color tone.

a)melt ovr tis color so muc! bt bot d cndles ordy

b)flower petals?wt if its windy day.abes terbng ni masok dlm air guest!cmno?hehe..

c) cndle tis typo also d color isnt dt hot..

n tis is for umbrella YOU CAN STAND UNDER MY UMBRELLA :)
rent or buy?
a bride parasol..nice bridal gt tis or no ya?i'd go 4 a wl try to ask hr later..wl hv d solemnization @nearest msjid.y on earth i nd tis?hehehe..arhhh..

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