Tuesday, August 17, 2010


originally i wnted grey silver+purple (plum) ..since d color is like almost evriwhr...so, i m cnsidering chnge d main color grey yet d minor color wd b remain d same :)

see see..wts nt to like bout these 2 colors..combination is superb!sy sgt heart!bn tnking bout tis since ages,sgr sad kna tuka pule..asal kene?cz i tink i hv to..hehe..

next, cek tis malay garmnt..ouchs..hw i tink it suits hr well ..n 4 sure i wnt mine to b tis fit oso..finger crosed!color ape to rplce my gorgeous silver..s0bssss!

tis is english modern style..hart d color..suits jgk my skin tone..or not..wel.if i m fair enuf i dn evn consider wt color suit me most..hmmmmmmm help! help!

hotssss n yummys!