Saturday, August 21, 2010

y i DONT do make up.

am 25 n i hv a mere COMPACT POWDER in my oversized-bag.i hv lip ice jge (so called teens).n itu saje.reason y..
c)insufficient items (yeke.mcm byk je)
d)B dislikes (y x top of d list.tgh gado.huh!)
e) suke genyeh2 mate
f)bajet cun ble x mkup
kesimpulannya,thousands of lame excuses wd oways b created regrding tis mkup issue.a fren claimed hw messy i luk w no mkup since she had 3 layers of itu ini n watsnot on hr fce.i dn judge u, so let me b s messy s i am.wteva it is, d choice is in yr hnds!

- lee da hee.mkup free -
-ryo won-

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