Monday, August 16, 2010

wed preps

it oways gud to hv sum1 to shre while preparing this!since i tink ppl r nt intrstd in gving ideas (my fam exclud) so, thnx 2 tis bl0g s i hv tym to share w dead machine! least u gv me unlimited ideas ryt..oke i hart u nw..muackssss..! my gals r nt here..n sum r nt into this quickly chnge d topic!wel.u knw it wel wen u r preparing yrs, yt i m no longer around s i oways d0!oke..tough..tough!

1) my akad garment: we askd k na to do details on beaded part but she kept, nnti nk tnye, ble sy nk tgk bju sy, kak! we hv to some alteration 2!

2)theme: nt yet decided..gulp!its nw aug!pls wk up dear ME!mmm i dhno ..we'l c hw..d fams wd wear purplish..n d bride+groom..hmm hmmm hmmmmm..oke nxt..:)

3)hntrn deco: thnx to m i nah for hr super fast work!jst bot d beaded frm SSF n in split wiks, she completed evriting..nice 1 aunty.n s oways.nvr fail us d hnd bouquet nd some alteration w d ribbon.originaly i wntd freshflowers .since they r such babies, nd 24 7 care, i jst askd ibu i wnt m inah's creativity 4 deco..

byk sgt bnde in my head..inner b** :) deco.umbrellas.bridesmaid.dayangs.henna.skincare. to many to list down.ol i hv to do nw is jst smileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

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