Monday, September 27, 2010

issue n issue n issue

door gift
whr to start ya.B"bb da book door gift?"
BB " da...." cnfdntly! oke thn ibu calles d suplier n she actly told ibu dt she cdnt keep hr promise.she is about to go to brunei n wl b bck on Dec!gulps.bole x col in4m dlu.aish..reason "sy hilang no f0n akk?" hmm bt its okela. trying to cr solution.suda tnsion dgn mcms2.nrvous jgn ckp suda mesti.i rly hv to go bck to kl bt wen?hmmmm wl go to jln tar or else i'l end up buying notingg..sgt nrvous.Ya Allah, permudahkan. Amin!

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