Tuesday, June 24, 2008

hks aka hari koperasi sekola

huhu..sort of hols 4 ZS tody s pasaria was held on hks.i bcome a 'salesgurl'.hlping out a snior ticer..our booth sells rice w gravy.yummy.d earliest to open up 4 sale!huhuhu..early birds!yeaaa..
since i ws hardly wurking n rushing here n thr,i was exhausted.i duhno.i usd to b xtra enegrtic n strong.jst trying so hrd to find out d reason y i get easily weak.myb bcz my eating disorder.lacking of food taken..my legs r both hurt n i tink dts bcz of heels dt i wear evry single dy to skul.myb i nd to cut off fw inches.sigh~i heard dt heels cn mks women barren.sound scary!pathetic.i jst hope i cn wear pump shoes or flipfloppers to skul(erk, sound so lame)huhuhu..erk..my ibu is calling me..nd to go..daaaaa..xoxo!

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