Wednesday, June 25, 2008

all tym fave!

let's tk about wt i like..n wt i alwiz like..^ fave singer is Avril Lavigne.started to like hr wen i ws in scndry skul.atrctd of hr lyrics n d music emslf.she's cute n goth mkup luk,kinda kewl.1 ting i dn like ws,hr she's chge!i lyk hr w perm blonde hair.mature n elegant mkup.she does luk classy l8ly.she's talntd.she writes hr own song wic reflcts hr true feeling on dt particular moment.she usd to b unlucky in luv b4 she gt married to sum41 guy(m i rite?..)

my fave jeans is seasoned torn!d worse it may luk,
d more i lyk it!hu2.some ppl mite nt gt it y i owiz
wear those type of jeans.wt cn i sy,art is prety
unique n prety ugly.n dts prety me!

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