Sunday, January 2, 2011

SUPER stressed!!

sgt sad..sgt nk type je smua rs x puas hti..4 d sake of my brighter future, none it 1st day @skul was a very tiring day..sakit blkg..(it hapens wen I do loads of wurk or under pressure)..then nk get bck home, it was raining cat n dog..ran to my car..drove bck home, stucked in jam!lameeenye bru smpai backache getin worse..finally reachd home around 330..since my lptop is on, so trus surf fb..saw sumtin..lg la mnyakitkan wt2do.dh ckp 2kli, stil buat lg..x kn x phm mknenye..let it b la..*sobs...sobs...

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